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Thrive Now and Emerge Powerfully Masterclass

24-26 November 2023

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Riches and Beyond proudly presents our signature program which created many successful property investors. Now is your turn!

Powerful property strategies

How to build long-term wealth with property investing

Invest in Property using OPM (Other Peoples Money)

How to finance your property deals

Spot opportunities during the present climate

How to buy before and during auctions

Learning Outcomes

3 Days Masterclass Agenda

Join us for our exclusive 3-Day Live Masterclass, where you'll learn from South Africa's leading property experts. This intensive event will equip you with the skills to identify lucrative opportunities in today's real estate climate, navigate the intricacies of financing property deals, and strategically position yourself for success.

What we will cover in the Masterclass

Day 1

08:45 AM
  • Discover Effective Property Strategies for today's market and reposition yourself accordingly
  • How to flip properties
  • How to buy before and during auctions
  • How to buy cashflowing properties from day 1
  • How to use existing properties to buy more properties
  • How to have your property paying for your bond from day 1

Day 2

08:45 AM
  • Learn how to find deals below market value and how to spot the opportunities in both residential and commercial sector
  • Learn 10 ways of funding your deals apart from the banks
  • How to invest in property using OPM (Other Peoples Money)
  • Learn all about funding property developments (8 ways how to fund your development)

Day 3

08:45 AM
  • Learn how to negotiate and grow your network of likeminded property
  • Learn 10 ways of funding your deals apart from the banks
  • How to invest in property using OPM (Other Peoples Money)
Latest Testimonials
Latest Testimonials

What is included

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Masterclass Terms and Conditions

Personal Message

Sylvia Milosevic

I salute you for taking your life in your hands and deciding to make a difference in your and other peoples lives. Life is all about the knowledge and learning from the right people. I am proud of you for taking action and deciding that your financial freedom is non-negotiable! Now is your time to thrive! Welcome to our family! They love to see how they can modify and improve spaces to create lasting value.

Frequently Asked Questions


Discover expert insights, tips, and guidance to boost your property training confidence. If you need more help, our team is here for personalized assistance!

Is this Masterclass suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great! We all have been there and we all have to start at some point to get where we want to go.

Can I bring a guest to attend?

Bring your entire family to watch and learn together with you! It’s more fun when you are learning together.

Are you going to cover developments?

Yes! We have great residential and commercial developers as a part of our mentorship team and they will be there to answer your questions about developments.

Will I have to purchase anything?

Not at all! There will be additional offerings at the Masterclass but you are in no obligation to purchase anything.

Are there opportunities during this time?

Absolutely! In fact we believe that now is one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. Our property specialists will go into dept how and where to find opportunities.

What is The Property Game?

The Property Games dstv 176 on The Home Channel is our Riches and Beyond TV Show where every week one of our students share their journey and strategies. You can see students who started with not even a single cent of their money, students who have done 7 capital flips deals in 6 months, students who have done R60 million developments  in less than two years. You can be our next success story!

Can anyone learn how to do this?

Definitely! We have students total beginners as well as experienced property investors. Regardless where you are in the property business it is all about the learning and growing to the next level.

If I don’t qualify for the bond, can I buy property?

Yes! We will cover several ways of funding your deals. In fact there is more than 10 different ways of funding apart from the bank so get ready to learn!